Graeme has been exploring quantum physics for many years and is intrigued with how all matter is in a state of vibration. Even consciousness is a vibratory state. The human body and all aspects of the universe is connected by a matrix of energy. Graeme’s paintings are an intuitive response to his search for connections between the physical and the spiritual. He believes that there are no boundaries between that which is seen and that which is hidden… that all things are one, and by looking beyond the five physical senses to explore the origins and mysteries of the universe, we begin to connect to our soul at the deepest level.

In his search for connections Graeme attempts to make ‘the unseen seen’ by creating images that link us to both realms at once. This link between the physical and spiritual is pure energy and he captures this energy by using layering of colours, lacquers and textures creating vibrant translucent images that reflect both stillnes and movement simultaneously.